Meet Tux

Tux is the art room kitty! He lives in the art room and loves “helping” out on projects!

Tux is a special kitty and the art room is his home! He was born feral and as a kitten, tested positive for FeLV (feline leukemia) – a disease that effects his immune system and can cause cancer. Cats with FeLV can be perfectly healthy, however, most only live for a couple years after they’ve been diagnosed. Currently Tux is 8 years old! He is most happy when he’s on someones lap and you know you’re special if you get a sandpaper tongue wash or added “TUXture” in your artwork.

Check out kitty helper photos below and click here to see some Tux fan art!



Everyone needs a little cat hair in their artwork right? TUXture.

Eraser Chase

Oh, did you want your eraser on the table? I think not! Tux enjoys flinging any eraser in sight right off the edge of the table, sending the possessor on an eraser chase!

Rule the Drool

You know that saying “dogs drool, cats rule’? Well, cats drool too – Tux especially, but that doesn’t mean he can’t rule too!

Just add TUXture!