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DIY Felt Flowers!

Use felt to make fun flowers!

What you need:

  • Felt in various colors
  • Hot Glue
  • Pompoms
  • Scissors
  • Pinking Shears (optional)
  • Pattern – download and print to a full size 8.5″x11″
  • Felt tip markers

Print and cut out your patterns:

Print the pattern page on a piece of 8.5″x11″ cardstock
Decide what colors you would like for each flower
Trace your patterns with a felt tip marker – use colors that are close to your felt color and cut your felt just inside your traced lines, so the marker doesn’t show!

Making a Poppy: You will need the poppy petal pattern, the poppy center pattern, a small pompom, scissors, & hot glue!

The poppy pattern includes one petal which you’ll trace 9 times, and the center, which you can trace and cut as a large rectangle and then cut the “fringe” lines on the felt – making sure not to cut your rectangle in half!

Once you have all your pieces cut out, hot glue your pompom to one corner of your felt center (the edge that doesn’t have “fringe”).

Add hot glue along the edge of your poppy center and roll it around your pompom!

Begin to glue the petals around the base of your center – I like to start with two petals across one another.

Continue to glue petals around the center – overlap and fill in gaps between petals!

Finished Poppy

Making a Daisy: You will need the daisy pattern (there’s a small and large version – both are put together the same way!), hot glue, scissors, felt tip marker, & small pompom.

Cut out your daisy pattern in the desired color!

Glue your pompom to the bottom corner of your daisy pattern.

Continue to add glue and roll your pompom inside of the daisy pattern.

Glue the end of your pattern down!

Finished Daisy!

Making a Rose: The rose can be made large or small with the two included patterns! You will need felt in the desired color, rose pattern, felt tip marker, scissors, & hot glue.

Cut out your rose in the desired felt color.

Starting from the outside, begin to roll the felt.

Continue to roll from the edge – you can glue as you go to help hold it in place. Try to keep the bottom edge of your roll flush with itself.

Keep rolling from the outside in – I begin to pinch the roll in my fingers….

Roll until you get to the center of your pattern…

Add some hot glue to the larger center area of the pattern….

Place the center of your pattern with glue, to the bottom of your roll…

Creating a bottom of your rose and helping to hold your roll together!

Finished Rose!

Making a Cosmo:

Trace and cut out the Cosmo petal pattern – use the pinking shears to cut the top edge of your petals.

Cut a slice from the center of your petal to about one third of the way up the petal.

Cross the tip pieces over one another and hot glue – this will give your petal some shape!

Continue with all remaining petals.

Use a pom-pom for the center of your Cosmo, hot gluing the center of your petals to the pom!

Continue adding your petals to the pom-pom….

Finished Cosmo

Until you’ve use them all!

Use your finished flowers to create a bouquet, attaching them to pipe cleaner or dowels as stems. You could even use them to decorate greeting cards, hair bands, or make bracelets with! Or attach your flowers to a wooden plaque like we did below and add writing, or painting with paint pens, or acrylics!

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