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A Few Of My Favorite Things: Pencils

A look at some of my favorite mediums, brands, and supplies!

Pencils! I definitely enjoy working in graphite – and I think it’s one of my favorite mediums to teach as it’s a common drawing medium that almost everyone has used at some point but you can do so much with it!

While I have my favorite brands I’ve also completed pieces with just a plain #2 pencil – sometimes keeping it simple is better!

My favorite set of graphite pencils are Tombow brand MONO pencils. They’re rich, smooth and can achieve dark darks!

I also have a collection of different pencils and “accessories” that I like to use. I have my favorite mechanical pencil from an artsnacks box years ago – the Alvin Draft-Matic 0.5mm, it’s comfortable to hang onto, has a built in eraser, the lead doesn’t break easily, and just feels nice! I often use it for sketching and outlining.

I also have a few KOH-I-NOOR Magnum pencils – also super soft and smooth to use! Paper blenders, tissues, and q-tips, are my top choices for blending. On occasion I use a Derwent battery operated eraser, but my favorite eraser is General’s Factis Magic Black eraser – it does it’s job! And then also Derwent pencil extenders!

The surface on which you complete your graphite drawings is just as important as the graphite itself…..check out this post for some of my favorite surfaces!

What are some of your favorite pencil options?!

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