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Acrylic Moon Painting!

Create an out of this world moon painting with acrylics on canvas! In the video below I create my sky with multiple brushes/techniques (a stencil brush, sea sponge, flat brush & paper towel) you can use all methods or choose what you have on hand to create your sky with!

What you need:

  • Canvas – I used an 11″x14″ stretched canvas
  • Acrylic Paints – I used Apple Barrel craft paints in Bright Blue, Black, White, Bright Red, Bright Yellow
  • Paint brushes – A 1/2″ or 3/4″ flat brush and some smaller brushes for details
  • Paper plate
  • Pencil
  • Paper towels
  • Optional: Stencil brushes and/or sea sponges

Step one: Trace a circle on your canvas – I used a plastic plate. Paint your background all black!

Step two: Begin to add clouds to your sky with other colors – I used blue, red, & white (which made pinks and purples) – see the next step for more details!

Step three: Use a firm/stiff regular flat brush, round stencil brush, sea sponge or paper towel to create a cloud texture. “Pounce” or “Dab” your paint on your canvas with any of the tools listed to create this effect. You only want a little paint on your brush/tool. Dip in multiple colors or build layers of colors on your clouds.

Step four: If you have any clouds that are too bright, you can repeat the same technique, but with black paint to help it fade in. Be careful not to mix too many colors or your clouds can end up muddy! If that happens, let your paint dry, paint it over with black, and try again!

Step five: Water down a little white acrylic paint and splatter it on your sky for stars!

Step six: Mix white and a little yellow paint to create a cream color and paint your moon!

Step seven: Mix blue and little black paint together to create a dark blue paint and make random spots on your moon. These will be the moon’s craters!

Step eight: While the dark blue spots are still a little wet, take more of your cream color and blend the edges of your spots into your moon!

Step nine: Keep blending until you’re happy with your moon! Check out the video below for more details on creating your own moon painting!

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