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Student Spotlight! (September 2020)

Each month I will be spotlighting one of my students – past or present, and their artistic ventures! I work with students of all ages and abilities and you’ll get to learn a little bit about these amazing artists and their work!

Our September spotlight is on:

Liam St.Pierre

My name is Liam St. Pierre and I will be 11 in September. I am homeschooled and am entering 6th grade. I live in the woods with my 2 golden retrievers, my sister’s cat, and our chickens and ducks. I love living in the woods, because there is just my family and me and we can go exploring. I enjoy swimming, fencing, art, playing video games, going to the beach and swimming in the ocean with my friends and eating tacos and burgers

Five Keys


“I started taking art lessons with Miss Jenell about 6 years ago, because my big brothers were already taking lessons and I thought it was interesting. I remember one of my earliest art projects was making origami frogs that actually hopped! When I get an assignment, I use my imagination and a picture of what I want to make just pops into my mind! Then, I just start creating it.”

The “L” Bot


“This is probably one of the pieces I like the most. I like it because it looks like the robot is actually standing up.”

“My favorite mediums are colored pencils and pens, but I also like acrylic paint, and pastels. I have entered quite a few art shows with Miss Jenell’s help and it’s always fun to go and see my work on the wall! It usually takes about 8-10 hours to complete my projects.”

Sunset Leaf

Paints on an actual leaf

“This one was hard. I drew inspiration from magazine pictures and added the sunset and boat from my imagination. Painting on a dry leaf is very hard because it is so fragile.”

“I like a lot of forms of art, but I don’t really like abstract art because if I look at it, I always try to find something in the picture. I feel mad at myself if I can’t find something realistic!”

A Different Galaxy

Paper, paints, pastels, pencils

“It’s hard to see in the picture, but this piece is made of layers and layers of frames so that you can reach your hand into the middle of the galaxy. It’s a 3D final product that I really think is cool.”

“My favorite color is blue- green… kind of like a mix of aqua and teal… more blue then green…. I’ll call it telaqua! In addition to visual art, I also have been playing the piano for about 4-5 years.”

Liam is imaginative and positive with his artwork and creations! He is always able to take an idea or project and add his own creative and unique twist to it. Putting forth his best efforts into his artwork, while still having fun, he creates happy pieces of art for viewers to enjoy! Nice job Liam! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Student Spotlight! (September 2020)”

  1. Really like all Liam’s artwork, and adore the Bot. The use of light and shade are perfect on it and brings the painting to life. But my very most favourite piece of artwork is the painting of the Keys. Liam’s Keys are fabulous for me … and my obsession with keys.
    Thank you for sharing your art with us, Liam. ~ Cobwebs. x

  2. I totally enjoyed Liam’s art work. They are all wonderful, but my favorite is Sunset Leaf. He recognizes the fragile nature of the leaf, yet as he says,he uses his imagination and is was inspired by the sunset and magazine pictures. I love it.I am not an artist, so may not be commenting in correct terms, I just know what I loved.

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