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What’s up in the Art Room? (September)

Check out some of our current projects happening in the art room and how they’re made!

We were finally able to start back with some classes in September!! Check out our first month of class projects! We are still in the midst of finishing up a few of the projects but be on the lookout for instructions to create some of the projects at home!

Radial Mandala designs! Students created a four fold radial design of their choosing by designing 1/4 of their design and then repeating it to complete their full radial designs. They outlined their designs on glass with Gallery Glass black out-liner and are working on adding colored glass paints!

Abstract Wall Hangings! Students created non objective abstract art on 3 fabric panels with Pantel fabric crayons, Tee Juice fabric markers, and Sharpies. They then sewed their fabric together to create one large panel. Our next step is to add a dowel to hang their panel from and adorn them with a few finishing details!

Ceramic Letters & Numbers! Students are in the process of creating a wall hanging with ceramic lettering and numbers! We’ll be glazing and attaching them to wooden boards to hang and display their works!

Embossed Metal Zentangles! Students learned about Zentangles and how to create their own inspired versions. They then created a Zentangle on foil by embossing their design into the surface! They used Sharpies to color their metal and then glued them to a piece of poster board! Check out instructions for creating your own inspired Zentangle here!

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2 thoughts on “What’s up in the Art Room? (September)”

  1. All these ideas are wonderful! Your students are so lucky. Iā€™ m wondering about the sharpie color on the aluminum foil. Does is rub off or is it permanent?

    1. Once the sharpie ink dries on the foil, it stays pretty well, but can be rubbed off with enough pressure. It’s also fun to color your embossed design and rub, or lightly sand, the color off of the raised portions of the foil, leaving color only in the impressions šŸ™‚

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