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Simple Monochromatic Landscape!

Create an easy monochromatic landscape painting with your favorite color! Monochromatic paintings only contain a hue of one color – By adding white to your color you create a tint, by adding black to your color you create a shade, and by adding grey to a color you create a tone! By creating different tints, shades & tones it’s possible to paint a picture using only one color!

What you need:

  • Acrylic paints – White, Black, & one color of your choosing (Start with a bright color that doesn’t already have black, white or grey added to it).
  • Brushes – A 3/4″ flat brush and a smaller round brush (or something similar)
  • Canvas – I used an 8″x8″ stretched canvas
  • Palette and Water for rinsing brushes
  • Paper towels

Step one: Gather your supplies and pour your paint – you’ll need black, white & one color.

Step two: Paint the top inch or two of your canvas with just white paint using your larger brush.

Step three: Mix a little bit of your color into your white paint to make a very light tint of your color!

Step four: Paint a wavy line just at the bottom edge of your white paint

Step five: Mix another scoop of your color paint into your light tint you made in the last step.

Step six: Paint another wavy line just below your last wavy line!

Step seven: Add more of your color paint to your tint created in the last step.

Step eight: add a thicker wavy line below your last one!

Step nine: Use just your plain color….

Step ten: And paint another thick wavy line below the last!

Step eleven: Now mix a little bit of black to some of your color paint (not the tint, just the color).

Step twelve: Use this shade to paint a wavy line and rest of your canvas

Step thirteen: Use a thinner brush and paint vertical lines at different heights, from your bottom layer up. These will be our tree trunks.

Step fourteen: Go back to your larger brush and add just a little black paint – we don’t want a lot of paint on your brush for this step, you can bounce your brush a couple times to get off extra paint.

Step fifteen: Dab or bounce your brush up and down on your vertical lines (tree trunks) to create your trees. Bounce back and fourth making a triangle shape – your tree should be smaller at the top and larger at the bottom.

Step sixteen: Finish your trees and add more dab/bounce marks at the edge of your bottom wavy line to act as some shrubbery or ground cover.

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