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Student Spotlight! (March 2022)

Each month I will be spotlighting one of my students – past or present, and their artistic ventures! I work with students of all ages and abilities and you’ll get to learn a little bit about these amazing artists and their work!

Our March spotlight is on:

Syd Johnson

My name is Syd Johnson, I’m in 11th grade, and I’ve been taking art lessons for two years. I’ve always been interested in art and never really had the chance to make it to my best ability and never had enough supplies, so that’s why I started art lessons. My favorite type of art to make is assemblage but I really enjoy looking at watercolor paintings. My grandma really inspires me to make art because I always enjoy how happy it makes her when I show her something new I’ve made.

“Broken Hearts” – Colored Pencil on Paper, Keith Herring Inspired.

What artist(s) from history do you admire most and why? “My favorite artist is Keith Haring because he made a lot of art about what would be considered “sensitive/inappropriate” in the 80’s. I feel like that’s very brave, and his art is just awesome!”

Besides painting and drawing are you into any other art forms? “I like photography.”

“Eye See You” – Mixed Media Collage

Why do you think art is important? – Why is it important for you? “Art is important because it’s fun, it requires skill; not everyone can do it and it gets the creative juices flowing. Without creativity, life is dull and boring, art makes it fun and interesting.”

What is your favorite thing about creating art? “It’s fun to see the vision that you made in your head come to life.”

Do you plan to have a career in the arts? “Yes – but I’m not sure what specifically.”

“Recycled Seahorse” – Assemblage/Mixed Media on Wood

Do you enter your artwork in any shows or contests? “I have done some, but I plan to do more in the future.”

Do you have a favorite color? “Yes, pink.”

How long does it take you to complete your artwork? “It depends, it could be from a quick sketch for fun, to multiple weeks on one piece.”

“Oscar” – Acrylic on Wood

When you’re making your art do like to listen to music or watch tv for inspiration (if so what)? “I like to watch iCarly while I do stuff”

Is there a certain style, or type, of art that you’d like to someday try? “I’d like to try graffiti.”

Is there an aspect of art that you don’t like, and why? “I hate pretentious and arrogant people in the art community. I feel like they take away from the fun of making art, by turning it into more of a competition.”

“Mushroom” Printmaking, Carved Linoleum & Ink

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to become an artist or improve their skills? “Just practice and even if it doesn’t look good at first, keep trying.”

What do you think makes a good artist and/or piece of art? “Define “good” – what one person sees as good, could be awful to someone else.”

“Sun with Face” – Acrylic on Canvas

How has your artwork improved/what have you done to keep improving as an artist? “With every piece of art I make I learn more and become better.”

Syd enjoys the process of creating and making, she comes with ideas and works to bring them to life! She sets goals for her artwork and overcomes any challenges along the way – completing a piece once she reaches the desired outcome. Through her process she is also developing her own unique style and includes a lot of herself in her work! Keep up all the awesome work Syd, can’t wait to see your artistic future!

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