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Student Spotlight! (April 2022)

Each month I will be spotlighting one of my students – past or present, and their artistic ventures! I work with students of all ages and abilities and you’ll get to learn a little bit about these amazing artists and their work!

Our April spotlight is on:

Ian Golightly

I am Ian Golightly and I am 11 years old. I have been taking homeschool art classes with Miss Jenell for over four years. I especially like her cat, Tux who joins us in the studio!

Why did you begin to take art lessons/how did you become interested in art? I decided to take art lessons when I was looking for a new hobby. I have always liked creating and building things – from Legos to model vehicles and customizing toy trucks.

Is there anything else about you that you’d like us to know? When I am not working on art, I enjoy playing soccer, bike riding, taking long walks with my dad, reading with my mom, swimming, roller skating, and being with my friends. My absolute favorite food is French fries and spicy foods like hot sauce!

“Reuben” Acrylic on Canvas

What is your favorite thing you’ve ever created and why? “My proudest piece of artwork is an early acrylic painting I made of my cat Reuben. One of his preferred places to lounge was on top of our highest kitchen cabinets!”

“A Day in the Life of a Leaf” Acrylic on a leaf

Do you have a favorite color? I use blue in almost all of my art since it is my favorite color.

What is your favorite thing about art? “Watercolor pencils are my newest favorite medium along with acrylic paint and colored pencils. I am not a fan of pastels due to their appearance and tendency to smudge since I am left-handed.

Do you enter your artwork in any shows or contests? “Three of my piece of art have been on display at the Ward Museum.”

“Thumbs up” Watercolor pencil

How has your artwork improved/what have you done to keep improving as an artist? I hope to continue improving as an artist by taking more classes with Miss Jenell and Tux!

Ian is always open minded when he comes to class, he’s not afraid to try new mediums, techniques, or ideas! He’s focused on his art and is able to be critical of his own work, making adjustments until he reaches the desired outcome – all while with a positive & happy attitude! These attributes will, without a doubt, continue to help Ian grow as an artist! Keep up the nice work Ian!

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