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Finger Print Doodle Art

Get creative and make some fun art that all starts with your finger prints! It’s a simple and easy project that you can turn into some charming pieces of art!

What you need:

  • Ink Pads or Washable Markers
  • Paper – I prefer card stock, but any white or light colored paper with a smooth surface will work!
  • A Sharpie marker or pen (or any felt tip pen & marker)
  • Some paper towels

Here’s the basic process:

We’re pretty much making your finger into a stamp – so the first thing you need to do is cover your finger print in ink! If you don’t have an ink pad you can use washable markers and color your finger prints instead! Try using your thumb and pinky finger to make different size prints!

Once your finger is covered in ink stamp it firmly on your paper. You might be able to stamp your finger more than once before having to apply more ink. Wipe any remaining ink off your finger on a damp paper towel before using a new color or use a different finger for each color – Unless you want to mix colors 🙂

After you have some finger prints stamped onto your paper, use your Sharpie and/or pens to add details and turn your finger prints into something!

Try “building” with your finger prints to create more complex objects! Remember you can make different sizes with your thumb and pinky too!

Here’s a few more ideas for your finger print doodles:

Add other elements, like googly eyes, to your prints! Some other elements could be: glitter, feathers, sequence, pom-poms, string & ribbon!

Instead of turning your finger prints into doodles you could also use them to embellish other projects!

Use markers, colored pencils or other mediums to add additional details to your doodles – like the stem and leaf in this picture!

Turn your finished pictures into greeting cards, bookmarks, framed art, and more! Get creative and have fun! Send me pictures of your doodle creations to add to our followers gallery! Happy doodling! 🙂

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