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Spray Paint Galaxy

Create these awesome galaxy paintings just with some spray paint!

What you need:

  • Poster board (cut to your desired size)
  • Masking tape
  • Round lids from containers/jars, plastic bowls – These will get spray painted!
  • Plastic bag
  • Disposable gloves
  • Spray paint in various colors – I used yellow, blue, red, purple, black and white.

Step one: Make sure you have a work space set up outside – Spray paint travels, make sure you have a lot of space away from everything! You will need tape your poster board down, Glossy side up! I used a piece of plywood to tape mine to, cardboard would work as well! The tape will hold your paper flat and still as we work and also create a white border on you paintings!

Step two: Add a little color to your poster board with some of your spray paint. I used yellow and blue (we still want to see some of your paper).

Step three: Place some of your lids/bowls on your slightly colored poster board. These will become our planets and moons! Then spray your paper with some of your colors – it doesn’t need to be super dark yet, however, we can cover most of the white! Once you have it colored then remove your lids!

Step four: Spray paint your planets & moons! I like to keep one side of my planets lighter and make one side darker – this makes them look more like a sphere!

Step five: You can also create texture on your planets or moons by layering some colors quickly, then crinkle your plastic bag up and press it into the still wet spray paint. Immediately remove the plastic carefully.

Step six: Once you have your planets complete, cover them back up with your lids and bowls. Now spray your paper with black! Add other colors too to create nebula! I used blues, purple & pink! Overall we want your paper to be fully colored and on the darker side!

Step seven: When you’re happy with your background we’ll add stars! Make sure you have gloves on for this part! With your white spray paint, spray some paint onto your gloved finger tips – flick the paint onto your painting! Keep adding more until you have enough stars! Let your painting dry!

Step eight: When your paint has dried, remove the lids/bowls to reveal your planets and carefully remove your tape!

Have fun making these awesome galaxy paintings! 🙂

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