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Student Spotlight! (July 2021)

Each month I will be spotlighting one of my students – past or present, and their artistic ventures! I work with students of all ages and abilities and you’ll get to learn a little bit about these amazing artists and their work!

Our July spotlight is on:

Akosinachukwa Norbert

Hi my name is Akosinachukwu Norbert, I am 5 years oldI have been taking art lessons for 6 months! I like art because I can create things. My favorite thing that I have created is my Cuckoo clock because I can make the pendulum move and make my cuckoo bird come out! I look forward to creating more with Miss Jenell and our next project is to create a musical instrument! I also look forward to seeing Tux every week!

Name: “Twitter” Medium: Paper Mache

When you’re making your art do like to listen to music or watch tv for inspiration (if so what)? “Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t!”

Ako creating his “Twitter” in paper mache!

What is your favorite thing about art? “My favorite thing about art is that I can make things that I like!”

Ako and his “mycoocoo clock” that he made!

Is there anything else about you that you’d like us to know? “I like music a LOT! I play the musical instruments; piano, acoustic guitar, drums & bongo. I am still learning how to play the acoustic guitar, I am best at the piano. My newest music that I play is All of Me.”

Name: “Ako’s Fish” Medium: Mixed media

What or who inspires you to create your artwork? “I am inspired by my mom and Miss Jenell to keep creating and look forward to making more projects!”

Why do you think art is important? – Why is it important for you? “It’s important because I can create what I like!”

Name: “Apple Tree” Medium: Acrylic Paint

Do you have a favorite color? “My favorite color is Red!” “My favorite color for my mom is Yellow, and my favorite color for Miss Jenell is blue, and my favorite color for Tux is black and White.”

Ako creating his foil embossing “

How has your artwork improved/what have you done to keep improving as an artist? “By taking art classes with Miss Jenell and mainting a weekly schedule”

Ako is always excited to create and make art! He enjoys the process of taking an idea and turning it into a finished piece. The enthusiasm and joy he brings to all of his artwork is inspiring – Keep up the good work Ako, can’t wait to see you grow as an artist!

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