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Painted Watermelon Flower Pots!

Bring on the summer vibes with this fun and easy painted flower pot!

What you need:

  • Terracotta flower pot – mine is approx. 6″
  • Krylon, indoor/outdoor, Gloss Clear Coat
  • Acrylic craft paints – I use Apple Barrel bran in Spring Green, Bright Red, & white.
  • Sharpie Marker
  • 3/4″ Paint brush (or similar)

Step one: Paint the rim of your flower pot with green – also cover the rim on the inside portion of your flower pot too! (Note: if you’re re purposing an old flower pot make sure it’s scrubbed clean and dry!) It may require two coats of paint – in this case let your first layer dry completely before applying the second.

Step two: Mix together some red and white paint to create a dark pink color for your watermelon – add little bits of white to your red at a time until you get the color you’d like! Paint the whole bottom part of your flower pot with your pink color!

Step three: To add the light green stripes on the rim of your flower pot, mix a little white & green paint together. Once you have a light green, we want to use a “dry brush” technique for creating the stripes on your rim. This means that we don’t want a lot of paint on your brush and we want to see the texture of the brush stroke show up on your pot. To do this, wipe off most of the green paint from your brush and then paint your stripe! Remember we want to see the texture and create stripes that are all different!

Step four: Once your flower pot is completely dry, apply your clear coat. Let dry, and then using your Sharpie, draw your watermelon seeds!

Have fun creating this simple Summer project! Use your finished watermelon pot to hold pencils, start seedlings, as a cover for a plastic potted plant, to hold kitchen utensils, or just as a decoration!

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1 thought on “Painted Watermelon Flower Pots!”

  1. Awh, that’s such a cute idea! I was looking to buy some decorative matching pots for all my plants but now I’m inspired to get plain pots and paint them myself.

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