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What’s up in the art room? (May 2021)

Check out some of our current projects happening in the art room and how they’re made!

Having some fun at Roaring Point Campground the past month with kids crafts! We’ve created Thaumatropes, Embossed metal designs, String art, & origami hopping frogs!

Monthly classes have been working on ceramic pieces using hand-building techniques. They’ve created unique fun pencil holders and personal creations! We were also inspired by Alberto Giacometti: Students were asked to create a tall, lean figure depicting and action or movement with wire & tin foil armatures covered with paper mache!

Students finished up and created many different things this past month…..

Paper Mache & Paper Clay Sculptures! Students created an armature out of paper, cardboard, wire or tin foil, and used either traditional paper mache or are working with paper clay, to create 3-D sculptures! These are then finished with acrylic paints and extra details such as feathers, eyes, and more!

Charcoal water drops: Students created a watercolor wash and formed waterdrops with charcoal! Special attention was taken in creating shadows and highlights to give a 3-D appearance.

Watercolor & Pen: Using pen to give texture and shading to their drawings, students then used watercolor to add color!

Mixed Media & Collage: Using several different mediums and techniques in these pieces to create some fun, one of a kind, pieces of art! Expressing personal style and technique! 

Painted botanicals on wood with acrylics – creating designs and patterns with shapes, colors & textures in a botanical theme!

Polymer clay faux taxidermy! Using polymer clay, students created miniature sculpted taxidermy pieces and turned them into magnets!

Students have been busy the past month working on creating collages inspired by children’s author and illustrator, Eric Carle. We have finally finished them all up and they are awesome! Students chose an animal as their collage subject, then drew the animal out. Using crayons, watered down acrylic paints, and stamps, they painted sheets of rice paper – incorporating several colors, textures and methods into each piece. Students then use their drawn animal as a template for cutting out their colorful papers and apply their cut-outs to their final paper. Finally students incorporate smaller details and design elements to their collage with crayons and/or pens.

Check out these projects you can do at home! And if you’re interested in upcoming classes check out the new session and summer art here!

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