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What’s up in the Art Room? (December)

Check out some of our current projects happening in the art room and how they’re made!

Though there’s not been as many in person classes this month, there’s still a lot going on! Check out some of the happenings below!

Virtual Paint Alongs! Although we haven’t been able to do any in person paint nights lately, we have been able to hold some paint alongs virtually! These have been a lot of fun, a great way to stay connected with friends and family and complete activities together! If you have a birthday, holiday party, club or group – or just want to get together with some friends and paint, contact me to set up a virtual paint along! Check out paint along example paintings here or request a personalized painting!

Holiday projects!

A fun alternative to plain canvas – Students painted these burlap wrapped canvas made a fun surface to make a winter inspired acrylic painting on!

Miniature ornament scenes – students used a small chipboard box and found objects to create these fun miniature scenes in!

Encaustic Snowflake Art – Students made paper snowflakes and layered them, as well as other bits and pieces of papers, with encaustic waxes on a wooden panel to create these awesome mixed media pieces!

Ceramic Letters & Numbers! Students finished up their ceramic letters and numbers, adding them to a painted wooden board!

Prepping Grab & Go Kits! In a typical year I’d be able to hold classes at local libraries and venues – a bit different this year, getting supplies and kits together for local libraries and venues grab & go programs instead! Many of the projects I’ve posted have been created for grab & go programs. It’s been a lot of fun to make kits and being able to still keep in contact with many venues!

Upcoming Virtual classes! Also in the works are some exciting virtual Creative Science lessons – Partnered with UMES to hold a science lesson and an art project related to the topic! Youth can sign up for one, or all topics, which include; “Inking it up”, “Feed the Birds”, “Let’s Upcycle”, Explore the Deep”, & “Fish are Friends”. A supply kit is included in the cost. Check out some examples below of art projects we will complete! Find info on signing up here!

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What’s up in the Art Room? (October)

Check out some of our current projects happening in the art room and how they’re made!

Check out lasts months post for more info on some of the projects below!

Radial Mandala designs on glass! Students finished up working on their radial mandala designs – so many cool pieces! Check out last months post for more info on this project and keep an eye out for a DIY on this project to be posted soon!

What’s in your cup? Students worked on how to draw cylinders and shade them in. Next they will create a drawing of their cup, decorating it with patterns and designs, filling it with a favorite drink! This project will be created with mixed media!

Impossible Shapes! Impossible shapes are a type of optical illusion – they can be drawn, however, could never exist in 3D form. Students practiced drawing an impossible Penrose triangle, and impossible square, before choosing which one they would like to paint. They also completed a color wheel and choose a color harmony to utilize in their painting.

Acrylic Pumpkin Paintings! Students worked on drawing spheres and turning them into pumpkins. They included light and shadow, completing value scales and working on shading. They drew their pumpkins and mixed their own colors to create shades of orange for their final pumpkin paintings!