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What’s up in the art room? (September 2021)

Check out some of our current projects happening in the art room and how they’re made!

Lots of fun things have been going on the month of September!

We began a new session of classes in the Art Room! We were also able to work with M4Reactor, a local makers space, and hold a session of classes there as well! Our first project of the session is to create some awesome landscape art that will get to be displayed at a local restaurant. These 3-D landscape paintings are going to be awesome!

We’ve been enjoying the cooler weather at Roaring Point Campground this month and getting into some fun crafts too!

It’s also been a fun month of Paint Alongs at Greenwood Library, Roaring Point Campground & with the Art League of OC! Check out upcoming paint alongs here or take a look at the example paintings and schedule your own!

Check out these projects you can do at home! And if you’re interested in upcoming classes check out the new session of art here!

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