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What’s up in the art room? (February 2022)

Check out some of our current projects happening in the art room and how they’re made!

Check out some of what we’ve been up to below!

This month students finished creating entries for the Ward Museum’s students art show – “No More Waste, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Everyone brought in plastic bags from retail shops, grocery stores, and plastic bags that breads, potatoes, and other foods are packaged in. Using an iron, we fused layers of plastic together to create a thicker plastic, adding lettering, colors, and cut-outs (from more plastic) to make our works of art colorful and unique! Finally, we cut and assembled our plastic, fusing pieces together to turn it into heavier duty bags, pouches, cases, and artwork! Artwork will be on display through June 12th!

February was full of paint nights in Ocean City at the Princess Royale through the OC Art League. As well as some held at the Seaford & Greenwood Libraries!

This month I was able to complete my first pastel commission of the year – “Admiral”. As well as work on some new painted glass pieces that will be available at the Ward Museum’s gift shop and upcoming art events! I also created an entry for Tropical Moscato – Follow this link and vote by leaving a comment on your favorite entry!

Click here and leave a comment to vote for your favorite entry!

Students also worked on color wheels and creating artwork using warm & cool colors to help create or evoke certain feelings, moods, or ideas into their art! Many focused on hands and how we can also use them to communicate with too!

Check out these projects you can do at home!

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