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Radial Designs on Glass!

Create a radial design or Mandala, with glass paints, for an awesome piece of window art! Mandalas are a type of radial design – where your design radiates and repeats from a center point. Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “circle”. Mandalas can be found in many cultures and can have different symbolic meanings and processes. In Buddhist and Hindu traditions, mandalas are a spiritual symbol that represent the universe. More modern mandalas are used for meditation or just to create and enjoy beautiful designs!

What you need:

  • Picture Frame with Glass – we used 8″x10″ frames from the dollar store but any old frame will do!
  • Glass Paints – We used Gallery Glass, Martha Stewart and Arti’stick, brands, transparent, glossy, glass paints.
  • Copy/Printer Paper – that’s at least the same size of your glass/frame.
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Sharpie
  • Light box or sunny window!

Step one: Create your radial design! We did this with a square piece of paper, folded into fourths, from corner to corner. You can do this any size, however, ours were approx. 8.5″x8.5″ to fit our frames.

Cut out one fourth of your paper on your crease lines.

Step two: Draw your design on your cut 1/4 of paper – to make your design have a complete circle pattern, use a compass from the center of your paper out.

Step three: Fold another square piece of paper into fourths, corner to corner. We will be tracing your design onto these four sections. You can use a light box or a sunny window to help your design show through your paper – you can also go over your design with a marker before tracing to help make it more visible. Trace your first 1/4 section and then flip your triangle pattern over and trace your next 1/4 section (this will reverse your design and make the edges of your design line up). Flip it again for your next section and back over for your last section!

Step four: Next line up your radial design under your piece of glass and begin outlining your design – We used Gallery Glass Liquid Lead for this (I’ve also transferred the outliner to a small applicator bottle for easier handling and a smaller line). Let your outline dry!

Step five: While you’re waiting for your outline to dry, you can color your triangle in how you’d like to color your glass!

Step six: Once your outline is dry, use your glass paints to fill in the design with color! We used a mixture of different glass paint brands!

No matter what brand you use, you just want to make sure it’s transparent color as we want these to hang in a window and create a stained glass effect!

Step seven: Once your color has dried, place your glass back in the frame (you can use hot glue, silicone, E6000 or Goop Glue, etc. to help hold your glass in if needed), glue a ribbon to your frame or add eye hooks and a chain/ribbon for hanging! Our frames were very light weight so a hot glued ribbon worked well! Hang up your finished artwork in a sunny window! 🙂

Check out more of our radial designs here!

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Faux Stained Glass

This is an easy method to create a stained glass like piece of art! Stained glass artwork can be dated back thousands of years. Most traditional stained glass is created from cut pieces of colored glass brought together to create panels for decorative windows. For this project we will be inspired by stained glass to create a fun piece you can display in your window!

What you need:

  • Picture frame (Mine is 8″x10″ and came from the dollar store)
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Black construction paper or black card stock
  • Mod Podge (I used matte)
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Stencil or template for your design

Step one: Cut out your design out of your black paper! You can use stencils, create templates or use cookie cutters to trace!

Step two: Take the backing off of your picture frame and carefully remove the glass. Glue your cut out on the glass with Mod Podge – applying a layer in the glass and then over your cut out.

Step three: Tear your tissue paper into smaller pieces – I tore mine into strips but you can make them any shape and in various sizes!

Step four: Using the Mod Podge, begin to glue down your tissue paper on your glass. It’s okay if your tissue paper covers your cut out and goes off the edge of your glass. You can also overlap your tissue paper – just keep in mind by overlapping new colors will be seen when held up to the light! Also be sure to add layers of Mod Podge between any overlapping tissue paper.

Step five: Once you have all the tissue paper you’d like on your glass, apply a layer of Mod Podge over the whole thing and let it dry!

Step six: Flip your glass over and trim off any pieces of tissue paper that went over the edge.

Step seven: Place your glass back in the frame – don’t add any of the backing, we want it to be just the glass so the light can come through! If needed, you can use some E6000, Goop Glue, or hot glue, to secure your glass in your frame!

Step eight: Set your picture in a sunny window! You can also glue a ribbon to hang it from, or depending on your frame, add eye hooks to attach a ribbon, chain or string.