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Let it Snow: Paper Snowflake DIY!

Cut paper snowflakes are a fun easy project that you can create so many variations with and they make excellent winter decorations! In nature most snowflakes are 6 sided, many times when we make paper snowflakes, we create 4 or 8 sided snowflakes – below you will find instructions for folding 6 pointed, 8 pointed and 12 pointed! Once you get the hang of these folds and where to draw your design you will have some amazing paper snowflakes! These can also make a great lesson to incorporate symmetry, angles, fractals, & kirigami into!

What you need:

  • Paper – I just prefer to use plain white copy paper but any thin paper will do. You can even create colorful snowflakes!
  • Scissors – Because we’ll be cutting through several layers of paper at once, be sure you have a sharp pair! If you plan to do a lot of smaller details on your snowflake, small sewing scissors can come in handy!
  • X-Acto Knives – These are optional to be used in place of the scissors or to make cuts that are not along the edge of your folded snowflake.
  • Pencil for drawing designs out if desired!


If you’re starting with plain copy paper, the first thing to do is make your paper square – we will need to start with a square piece of paper for any of the snowflakes below!

Step one: Fold the bottom corner of your paper up, and to the opposite side, until you’ve created a point at the bottom of your paper.

This is what it looks like unfolded….

Step two: Cut off the single layer of paper that you see.

Step three: Open your paper back up – square!

You can make your squares any size! Try using the piece of paper you cut off of your rectangle to make a smaller square (and smaller snowflake!).

6 SIDED SNOWFLAKE: This method of folding gives your snowflake 6 points/sides just like a snowflake found in nature! This is also the easiest method listed to cut as there’s less layers of paper to cut through!

Step one: Start with a square piece of paper, leave it folded. (Or fold a square piece of paper from corner to corner)

Step two: Find the center of the bottom of your triangle (shown in the next photo) – do this by folding corner, along the bottom edge, and “pinch” your paper in the center. This way you don’t create a crease line all the way to the point of your paper!

Step three: Make sure you have your paper opened back up after “pinching” the middle point of your paper!

Step four: We will be folding the corners of your paper up on the two lines shown in the picture – you can use a protractor for this, marking the crease lines at 60-degrees.

Step five: Fold the right flap up on the 60-degree mark shown in step four.

Step six: Flip your whole paper over, keeping the point towards you.

Step seven: Fold the right flap up on your other 60-degree mark – the two sides of your paper should all be even.

Step eight: Cut the top triangles off of your paper, making the top layers of paper all even.

Step nine: Draw out your design; I like to have my design go all the way, or almost all of the way, to the top corners, and dip low between them. Then I draw shapes & designs on the edges of my triangle, these shapes start and stop on the same edge of my paper – this keeps my snowflake whole!

Step ten: Cut out your design – it’s easiest to start by cutting your little designs first and then your larger areas.

You can also use the extra paper you cut to create a square and make mini snowflakes!

8 SIDED SNOWFLAKE: This method gives your a couple more points than the first!

Step one: Start with a square piece of paper.

Step two: Fold in half, edge to edge.

Step three: Fold in half again, to create a square.

Step four: Check the edges of your square – point the corner that has all open flaps of paper away from you, and the corner that is the center of your paper (or no flaps of paper) pointed towards you!

Step five: Fold the square in half, right point to left point (keeping the open ends at the top and center towards you).

Step six: Draw out your design!

Step seven: Cut out your smaller details first…..

Step eight: Cut out your larger area & carefully unfold!

12 SIDED SNOWFLAKE: This is my favorite snowflake fold – because it’s 12 layers it can be harder to cut but it makes the snowflakes look more intricate and delicate!

Step one: Start with a square piece of paper!

Step two: Fold your paper in half, from corner, to corner.

Step three: Fold your paper in half again, with your folded edge from the last step on the bottom.

Step four: This next step can be tricky until you’ve done it a few times! We will be folding your paper into 3rds, shown on the fold lines your can see in the photo above. You can use a protractor to do this (dividing it into 3rds, each at a 30-degree angle) or just eyeball it and fold & unfold, until you get it right in the next steps! The more exact you line up and fold your paper, the better your cuts and snowflake will come out, so take your time on getting things lined up!

Step four: With the point of your paper facing you, fold the left side of your paper over on your first 30-degree mark or the first line seen in the picture on step three.

Step five: Flip your whole paper over, keeping the point towards you.

Step six: Fold the left side of your paper over to line up with the right edge, and the other 30-degree mark on your paper.

Step seven: Now you have your papers folded, cut the top triangle pieces off, so that all of your paper layers are even at the top.

Step eight: Draw your designs on your snowflakes! Keep your designs on the edges of your triangles, being sure not to cut all the way from one edge to the other.

Step nine: Cut your snowflake out on your lines! Carefully use an Xacto knife for small cuts if needed! Open your snowflake gently!

Your finished snowflakes can be used to decorate your windows – they look awesome from both inside and out, especially when it’s dark outside! I use a glue stick to attach my snowflakes to the window. You could also use double sided tape or hand them from a string!

You can make smaller or larger snowflakes with the same folds as above – just start out with smaller or larger squares of paper! The snowflakes above that have the objects and scenes incorporated into them are large, approx. 20″ – 24″ wide! They also have cuts that were created “inside” the folded triangle, not along the edge, I had to use a hole punch and my xacto knives to remove these cuts! Keep in mind when you create objects on your snowflakes anything drawn along the edges is just half of a shape, when opened it will become whole!

Use your paper snowflakes for other art projects too – like this mixed media encaustic piece! Paper snowflakes have been layered with different color waxes, pearl powders, & other papers to create a unique collage! I also cut some snowflakes from old book paper, tracing paper and vellum, to create different effects! You could also make a snowflake garland, use as gift topper/decorations, or on greeting cards!

Make this project? I’d love to see some photos! Check out other projects to complete at home here!

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Origami Bookmark Monsters!

A quick way to get creative and have some fun while making a little piece of art you can use to mark the pages of your favorite books! We’re going to be making our bookmarks into monsters but after folding the base you can turn your bookmark into anything!

What You Need:

  • Paper – I used white printer paper, cut to a 5″x 5″ square, for the bookmark
  • Construction paper or colored paper for details on your monster
  • Markers or colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Step one: First we’ll be folding your bookmark – start with your 5″x 5″ square of paper and fold in half, and then fold in half again. Open your paper back up – you should have a horizontal and vertical crease that runs through the center of your paper.

Step two: Fold your paper, corner, to corner, forming a triangle. Unfold and then fold the bottom corner to the center mark.

Step three: Fold the bottom edge up on the center crease. Then take the two bottom corners and fold up to the top point.

Step four: If you carefully look inside your origami piece you’ll see there’s a little pocket that’s been formed – Take the two point pieces you just folded up in the last step, pull them back slightly and then fold them down, inside the triangle pocket.

Step five: Now you have your origami bookmark! Let’s turn it into a monster! Cut a piece of colored paper into a 2″x 2″ square and glue it inside your bookmark, so half of the square is visible (make sure not to glue the pocket together as this is how it stays on your book corner) – this will be the inside color of your monsters mouth. Cut pieces of paper to use as teeth for your monster, I used small triangles and rectangular shapes for my teeth. Cut circle shapes for you eyes or spots on your monster – you can use paper punches or a hole punch too.

Step six: Color your monster with your markers or colored pencils and add details like scales, fur, spots, etc.! Color your eyes on the circle pieces you cut.

Step seven: Assemble and glue all of your elements together!

Slide your book page inside the monsters mouth to mark your page!

Make a whole bunch of fun monster bookmarks! You can also use googly eyes, stickers, glitter, pom-poms, pipe cleaner, etc. for details on your monsters! Or get creative and turn your origami into something besides a monster! Send me pictures of your bookmarks to add to our followers gallery!

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Mother’s Day Hydrangea Pop-Up Card

Make your mom this fun hydrangea pop-up card for Mother’s day! Though there are a few steps to this project, with just some basic supplies you can create this simple, yet amazing, pop-up card. I was inspired by hydrangeas for my pop-up flowers which can come in blues, pinks, and purples – but you can make your flowers any color or multiple colors! We’ll be starting with white paper and be adding the color to our paper as we go but feel free to skip the coloring steps and just use colored paper! Check out the video at the bottom for steps as well!

What you need:

  • Copy Paper
  • Colored card stock or Construction Paper- measurements
  • Green Construction Paper
  • Pencil
  • Washable Markers
  • Scissors
  • A Small Paint Brush
  • Small Dish or Cup of Water

Step one: Cut your white copy paper into 7 squares that measure 4″ x 4″ – each of these will become one of your flowers! Fold each of your 7 squares as shown in the picture – Fold in half lengthwise, left to right, then fold the bottom edge to the top edge, finally fold the bottom right corner to the top left corner to form a triangle. You want to make sure one point of your triangle is closed (should be the point that’s towards you) – that’s the center of your paper, the other points should have multiple flaps of paper.

Step two: Making sure the center of your paper is at the bottom, draw a curved line at the top of your paper and cut out. Use this cut out to trace the curved line on all 6 remaining triangles and then cut them out!

Step three: Now that you have all 7 flowers cut it’s time to add some color! Grab your washable markers in the colors you would like! Color just along the edges of your folded flower (making sure to hit all the folds & flaps along the edge). You can use one color or multiple colors on the same flower – just keep in mind our colors may mix.

Step four: Now we’re going to make that color spread! We will need your paintbrush and a small dish of water. Paint with water over top of the marker – this will make the marker ink spread and give a slight tie-dyed effect to your flowers! Make sure not to keep brushing over your flower in the same spot or use too much water – this will make your paper weak and cause it to tear! Keep your flowers folded and let them set for about 15 – 30 mins. to let the color continue to spread!

Step five: While your flowers are setting; Cut a piece of card stock or construction paper for your card that measures 11″x 7.5″ – this will be the background to your flowers. You could also color a background for your flowers instead of using a solid color! Fold your paper in half so it measures 7.5″ x 5.5″. Decorate the front of your card however you’d like (just leave the inside black for now).

Step six: Now that your flowers have set, it’s time to carefully unfold them all! They may still be a little wet – make sure to be gentle when opening them so they don’t rip! Lay your flowers flat and let them dry completely – you can speed this up with a hairdryer!

Step seven: Once your flowers are completely dry, then we will be cutting one “petal” out from each of them. Next, close the gap we created by overlapping and glueing the two petals together (glue the two petals marked with yellow dots in the picture) – giving your flower a 3D form and a total of 6 petals.

Step eight: Fold each flower in half, flattening it – so we can see three petals. Next we will be layering and glueing all of your flowers together in a certain pattern to create the pop-up. We will only be gluing the top portion of your petals in the next steps (from the yellow line shown in the picture and up) – do not apply glue on the entire petal or your card will not pop-up properly.

Step nine: Layering your flowers; Lay one flower down and apply glue to the tips of the petals that are marked with yellow dots in the photo. Glue two flower petals on top as shown in the second photo – you should now only be able to see the center petal of your original flower (marked with the green dot).

Apply glue to the tips of the petals marked with yellow dots and add another flower on top – lining it up with your first flower. The green dots show the petals from your last layer.

Apply glue to the tips of the petals with yellow dots and add two more flowers vertically – lining them up with your other vertical petals. The petal with the green dot should be the only petal from your previous layer showing.

Add glue to the petal tips marked with yellow dots and finally take your last flower, gluing it down horizontally – lining it up with your other horizontal petals. The green dots show the petals still visible from your last layer. Keep your flowers folded.

Step ten: Create leaves for your flower out of green construction paper and add veins with a marker. Glue the leaves to your flowers – you can add leaves to each side of your folded flowers. Make sure leaves are glued to one petal – not on a crease line of two petals. Leaves should also not go past the yellow line shown in the photo.

Step eleven: Open up the card you prepared in step six and lay your flowers along the center line as shown. Add glue just to the tip of the center petals, shown with a yellow dot, on each side of your flower (the very center petal) – close your card and press. It’s best to let your glue dry for quite a few minuets – setting something heavy, like a book, on your card while it’s drying can be helpful!

Once your glue is dry carefully open your card to reveal your pop-up!

You can change up your flowers by starting with colored paper instead of white, or using different methods to decorate your paper with. You can also change the shape of your petals in step two by making a different type of line, rather than a curve. Have fun and get creative making your mom something special! Send me pictures of your finished pop-up cards to add to our followers gallery! And happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there!