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Watercolor Resist Painting!

A fun little technique to create some colorful pieces of art! These also make great pieces to add to collage techniques or are fun for art journaling too!

What you need:

  • Watercolor paper (I use Canson XL cold press 140lb)
  • Masking tape
  • watercolor paints
  • Oil pastels or Crayons
  • Large flat brush

Step one: Tape down your watercolor paper – the tape also creates a nice border to your artwork you can decorate later! I cut my paper to be a bookmark!

Step two: Create a design or picture on your paper with your crayons or oil pastels – press firmly!

Step three: You don’t need to fill in all of your paper – leave some areas white, this will be filled in with your paint color!

Step four: Prepare your watercolor paints and gently brush overtop of your crayon or oil pastel design!

Step five: The oil pastels or crayons will resist the watercolor paint and only stick to the white areas of your paper! I used warm color crayons and cool color paint for more contrast!

Step six: Let your paint dry and remove your tape!

This piece was created with oil pastels instead of crayons!

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Watercolor Crab!

Follow along to paint your own watercolor crab! My crab was created with just two colors – yellow and blue, however, you can make your crab any colors using these techniques! You can download the crab outline below and transfer it to your watercolor paper or draw your own crab outline (or outline of your choosing).

What you need:

  • Watercolor paper (I used Canson XL cold press 140lb)
  • Watercolor paints – I used Rembrandt brand in Azo Yellow Medium & Van Gogh brand in Phthalo blue
  • Sea Salt
  • Brushes
  • Pencil

Step one: Transfer the crab outline to your watercolor paper or draw your own outline! Download the crab outline above and follow this quick tip to transfer the crab outline here.

Step two: The crab is created with a wet on wet technique – I did sections of my crab at a time, starting with the shell, I brushed on a layer of water.

Step three: Before the water dries that you applied in the last step, add blue watercolor to your shell – the paint will spread wherever the water was placed.

Step four: While your blue paint is still wet, add dabs of green or yellow paints to your crab shell and let them spread! I used a little yellow painted mixed with my blue.

Step five: While your paint is still wet, sprinkle some sea salt on it! The paint pools under the pieces of salt, when the paint dries, we’ll gently remove the salt pieces and have a unique effect left on our papers created by the salt!

Step six: Repeat steps for all the crabs legs!

Step seven: If desired, flick paint, to add some interest to your background! I used watered down blue.

Step eight: Let your paint dry – I don’t recommend speeding up with a hair dryer when the salt is involved as it can blow the salt pieces around and disrupt the textured effect!

Step nine: Once the paint is completely dry, gently rub off the salt pieces. Enjoy your crabby painting! 🙂

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Westside Series

These are a series of small watercolor and pen paintings inspired by the area where I live here in Maryland. It’s a place that’s a bit outta the way and many think of it as the end of the earth – but I love it here. It’s full of history, plenty of nature & wildlife, it’s quiet, and you know your neighbors. Between where the Nanticoke & Wicomico rivers meet the Chesapeake Bay, we have several little towns including; Quantico, Tyaskin, Bivalve, Nanticoke, Waterview & Whitehaven – together known as the Westside. The Westside doesn’t have much in the way of stores or shops, however, we have a few post offices, a thrift store, the Westside Fire Department, Antique shop, Churches, community center, a Bed & Breakfast, marinas & parks, Campgrounds, Wades Repair, and a couple restaurants!

Bivalve Thrift Shop
Building at Roaring Point Campground entrance
Former Tyaskin School House (over 100 years old)
Tyaskin Post Office est. 1966

A lot of the houses and buildings here date back to the 1800’s and many of them are no longer in habitable conditions, though, we do still have quite a few from that time period that have been kept up. I like to think about what it may have look liked here a hundred years ago when it was a bustling port town, filled with people and shops – all the buildings new. Then, there were oyster houses, canning factories, general stores, a saw mill, skip jacks, schools, steamboats, and later a shirt factory, town hall, hotel, & seafood packing plant. And even before that, when it was home to the Native Americans – the Nanticoke Tribe, what it must have looked like.

The Culver House est. 1885
Wetipquin Chapel est. 1827
Spring Morning, Tyaskin
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, est. 1798 (rebuilt 1845) –

The Westside is also filled with nature and wildlife. During a walk in the Spring you’re guaranteed to see Ospreys that have just arrived back from winter migration. Eagles and many song birds also call the Westside home – some of my favorite sightings are Bluebirds, flocks of Cedar Waxwings, Flickers, and Buzzards gathering to sunbathe. Fox, Deer, groundhogs, hawks, muskrats, frogs, rabbits, turtles, and snakes are often seen. Of course it’s also home to much marine life! And we can not forget about the insects – yes, there are days when some of these bugs make you regret going outside, but, butterflies, bees, praying mantis, & ladybugs, fill the gardens. The summer evenings glow with lighting bugs, cicadas and peepers, clear skies filled with stars. Not to mention the best sunsets all year round!

Osprey on the Nanticoke
Fishing at Wetipquin creek
Summer afternoon, Tyaskin
Winter Sunset, Tyaskin
Sail Boat Regatta, Bivalve

We may not have a lot in the terms most think of – and yeah, we’re a bit outta the way, but I can say we have a certain nostalgic community feel that not a lot of places can claim. It’s a place where time slows down, people wave and stop to talk, it’s a place that causes you to take in what’s around you – something I find inspiring!

Tyaskin Pink House and former Post Office building
Tyaskin Methodist Church est. 1895
Royal Oak Country Church, Quantico
Sunny Afternoon, Tyaskin
May Flowers, Tyaskin
Tyaskin Beach Cottage

I hope you enjoy these little watercolors from the place, and surrounding area, I call home. Prints and originals are available in the shop section – I plan to keep painting more!